What are the main types of mattresses?

Following are some of the most usual mattresses which you can easily buy online from Sleep Junkie. Come and visit our site and become a sleep expert on Sleep Junkie.

Let us find out the most common types of mattresses:

Spring mattresses:

The spring mattresses are one of the first models of mattresses put on the market, but even today, despite the competition with the other types. They enjoy moderate success, thanks, above all, to the positive opinions of the users.

One of the strengths of spring mattresses is the price: in fact, this type is the most economical on the market. But despite the smart price, durability and longevity do not give anyone any discounts: it has been shown that spring mattresses are the ones that last the longest, keeping its functions almost intact even after years and years of use.

To buy a good spring mattress, make sure it has at least 700 spring units, a larger number would be irrelevant, as the comfort changes between the 700 units are so minimal as to be almost imperceptible, but fewer units could give the mattress really a very low comfort, as the structure will tend to sink over time giving you the hated back pain from awakening.

Spring mattresses are particularly recommended for obese people, as the greater rigidity of the structure allows for more stable support, making it easier for the users to lie down and get up from the bed.

Memory foam mattresses:

The memory foam mattresses that memorize form, are having enormous success in recent years, thanks also to the innovations of the materials used for their realization.

This type of mattress is made using a layer on the surface that takes the name of a foam layer, consisting of the overlapping of different fabrics that appear fluffy to the touch, which can be characterized by different densities. It is precisely the foam layer that is able to shape itself according to the temperature of your body, in such a way as to better adapt to your curves.

Thanks to the ability of these mattresses to memorize your shapes, memory foam reduces pressure points, allowing for a reduction in joint pain, such as the shoulders, the lumbar spine, the cervical spine or pains.