The importance of quality:

We have left this factor last, in order to give it the right weight, as is logical. The higher the quality of a mattress, the longer it will last. This statement seems rather obvious, like the subsequent deduction: the more a mattress costs, the higher it’s quality.

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This is true, but only in part, because you don’t have to buy mattresses at disproportionate prices to have a product that accompanies us during our rest.

To get an idea, quite precise, about the duration that a mattress can have, you can check the guarantees with which it is sold. These cover logically serve to cover production defects.

However, they can also give us a fairly precise indication of how long a mattress of that particular brand lasts, if kept in a proper manner and regularly cleaned and washed. This is because the products are subjected to numerous tests before being placed on the market and among these also the use test, which serves to give an estimate of how much the mattress can be used.

In the previous list, we have seen that for a medium quality product the duration is around 8 years, which in some cases increase with the quality of the product.

Let’s summarize everything we have said: to determine how long a mattress lasts, we must take into consideration:

Who is using it, so how much it weighs and how high it is?

How many hours a day he uses it?

How he uses it? That is how often he proceeds with cleaning and washing?

How do you feel after sleeping on it?

What kind of mattress is it?

What is the warranty period or, for how many years of use is recommended?

Taking into account these factors and all the numbers we collected before producing this article; you can get a pretty good idea of how long a mattress lasts; consequently, you can also calculate the remaining life of your mattress.